Jewelry collections Maxim Demidov are the unique synthesis of classic lines, century’s traditions, and bold ideas. The heart of every jewelry collection is the rare precious and semi-precious stones of a large size and exceptional quality, found in the most reserved places in the world.
Series "Paraiba Tourmaline"

The center of the collection is the magnificent Paraiba Tourmaline, call by the jewelers “a high-flying gemstone” for its high rising price at the auctions. Discovered recently, it has a truly ethereal beauty and amazing property to emit a fantastic bluish halo.

7 jewelry wonders

Maxim Demidov's special jewelry belonging to the collectible category can be safely called the eighth wonder of the world. The jewelry fantasies of the masters are realized so exquisitely that in importance and significance they are quite comparable to the seven wonders that have delighted the world since ancient times. Each collectible jewelry with unique precious stones, often existing in a single copy, is jewelry with an amazing combination of subjects, materials, sizes and shapes. They have a recognizable and unique handwriting of true masters of jewelry. Gold, platinum, rare gems in such masterpieces have ceased to be just expensive materials – they have become author's works of art.

«Precious Yekaterinburg»

Почти 30 лет ювелирный дом Maxim Demidov создает высокое драгоценное искусство в Екатеринбурге, образованном ровно три столетия назад. В юбилейный год мы решили объединить эти две истории в один роман о красоте. Ювелиры Maxim Demidov сочинили капсульную коллекцию «Драгоценный Екатеринбург», интерпретирующую знаковые архитектурные формы Екатеринбурга.


Collection “Flower”

Workers of Maxim Demidov created the whole garden of jewelry flowers – products in a modern floristic style. Flowers symbolize the beauty and speak on the language of love and passion. Lovely and, at the same time, luxuries jewelry of this collection will emphasize the naturalness of a woman and her charm.

Collection “Flicker of the Night” with the rare Australian Opal

Collection “Lovely”

How lovely! That is how we can translate the name of the collection “Lovely” that contains from jewelry in refined frames, with gemstones of vivid and cheerful shades. Pretty, charming, playful jewelry from this collection has its special incomparable charm. Every one of them will be the subject of sincere admiration and compliments.

Collection “Extravaganza” with the noble Opal from Ethiopia

Collection “Passion” with the fire Opal from Mexico

Collection “Animals”

Nature gave us the ideas for the incredible collection in animalistic style. Jewelry that looks like animals is the highest jewelry fashion today. Every one of these masterpieces of the jewelry art will be a powerful personal talisman that will bring energy and life to workdays and helps you to look original and trendy within any dress code.

Series of man’s rings “Cardinal”

Every ring from the series “Cardinal” was made to be a charismatic, intelligent precious accessory that emphasizes the status and impeccable taste of the owner.

Collection “Vintage”

Big and bright earrings and rings in the “Vintage” style are very popular nowadays. Retro stylization has an advantage, over jewelry with a history, they consist of a pure aura, and serve only the owner.

Collection “Crystal Morning”

What is associated with the beauty of the frosty, sunny morning? Of course, the real jewelry masterpiece. The rime on grass and trees in the form of emeralds and tsavorites - with diamonds that Nature generously thrown. Blue skies without a single cloud - with pure sapphires.

The "Touch of heaven" collection.

Delicate turquoise is a truly feminine gemstone. It magically enhances beauty. Perhaps no gem can so beautify and refresh a woman as a sky-blue mineral. Therefore, a charming gemstone, known for more than 5,000 years, but not losing its relevance today should be present in the jewelry wardrobe of every lady. Turquoise occupies a prominent place in the jewelry of the jewelry house Maxim Demidov, whose masters reveal new facets of the beauty of a feminine gem.

The "A person"

Collection “Geometry”

Provoking geometric decorations of this collection organize a corridor of perspective, focusing attention on each gemstone. Strict, laconic forms and lines of products of the collection "Geometry" direct the view into depth, giving a special significance even to a simple outfit.

Collection “Mysterious Lake”

The fascinated legend of the origin of the gemstone inspired jewelers on the creation of this collection. According to the legend, quartz hairy - is a frozen in the ice of a mountain lake curl of the goddess of love Venus, which she turned into a precious stone and gave to people. Gemstones with golden needle inclusions are especially appreciated because massive and unique jewelry appears from them.